Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: Ontario Tech University
Location: Oshawa, ON
Fanshawe Programs: Child and Youth Worker (CYW1)
Child and Youth Worker (Fast Track) (CYW3)
Child and Youth Care (CYW4)
Child and Youth Care (Fast Track) (CYW5)
Developmental Services Worker (DSW1)
Developmental Services Worker (Fast Track) (DSW4)
Police Foundations (PFT1)
Protection, Security and Investigation (PSI1)
Social Service Worker (SSW1)
Social Service Worker (Fast Track) (SSW2)
Credential Granted: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science
Details: In recognition of your diploma, you will receive 20 courses toward the 40-course Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree. This is a provincial pathway available to all Ontario colleges. The admission requirements are determined solely by the university. PLEASE CONNECT WITH THE UNIVERSITY TO CONFIRM DETAILS AND ELIGIBILITY REQUIREEMTNS. Click here for more information.