Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: Brescia University College
Huron College
King's College
Western University
Location: Various
Website: Various
Fanshawe Programs: General Arts and Science-One Year (GAP1)
General Arts and Science (GAS1)
Credential Granted: Bachelor of Arts
Details: General Arts and Science graduates may be eligible for transfer credits in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Social Science and Science at Western, or the Faculties of Arts and Social Science at Brescia, Huron or King's as follows: Graduates of the 1 year Certificate may receive up to 5 transfer credits (entry to year 2). Graduates of the 2 year Diploma may receive up to 10 transfer credits (entry to year 3). ***NOTE: Students must: a.) complete specific General Arts and Science courses approved by Western as eligible for transfer credit. b.) achieve a minimum C grade in courses eligible for transfer credits. C.) meet the competitive admission average, as determined by Western every year.*** Please contact the General Arts and Science Coordinator for details and to discuss program planning and course selection. Click here for more information.