Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: Thompson Rivers University
Location: Kamloops, BC
Fanshawe Programs: Automotive Service Technician (AST5)
Agricultural Equipment Technician (FET2)
Agricultural Equipment Technician - John Deere Ag Tech (JDA2)
Credential Granted: Bachelor of Technology
Details: After completing one of the apprenticeship programs above, students have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Technology: Trades and Technology Leadership at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) via online learning. This is a 120-credit Bachelor's degree. Fanshawe graduates will receive up to 57 transfer credits towards the degree as follows: graduates who have completed a 3-year red seal placement will qualify for up to 45 credits and graduates who have completed a 4-year red seal placement will qualify for up to 57 credits. The average time to complete a program through TRU, Open Learning is 4 years part-time. This timeframe can vary depending on if students are also working while they complete their studies or if they are working on their studies full time. Admission requirements: successful completion of the College’s entire program and a Red Seal trade qualification. Students applying for admission to TRU are required to submit the University application for admission form and applicable application fee and to provide original documentation showing their full postsecondary academic history and successful completion of the college program. Admission is at the sole discretion of the partner university. For questions, contact Iuliia Pakomenko at: Click here for details