Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: South East Technological University (SETU)
Location: Carlow, Ireland
Fanshawe Programs: Computer Programmer Analyst (CPA2)
Computer Programming and Analysis (CPA3)
Credential Granted: Bachelor of Science (Honours) Software Development
Details: This is a Four year Honours degree program. Eligible Fanshawe graduates will enter year 4 of the degree program. Typically the academic year in SETU operates from Sep-Dec and Jan-May. Therefore, the end-to-end period of full-time study for Fanshawe College students who pass all examinations in SETU would be approximately 9 months. Graduates are eligible to apply to join the relevant professional bodies including ICS, BCS, ACM, IEEE and Engineers Ireland. ***For questions, contact Donal McAlister International Affairs Manager at SETU, at: Click here for more information.