Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: Royal Roads University
Location: Victoria, BC
Fanshawe Programs: Chemical Laboratory Technology - Science Laboratory (CLT1)
Environmental Technology (ENT1)
Science Laboratory Technology (SLT1)
Credential Granted: Bachelor of Science: Environmental Practice
Details: Fanshawe graduates from any of the programs above will be eligible for admission to RRU with full block transfer, provided all other entrance criteria (per the program admission requirements on the RRU website) are met and space remains available in the RRU program. Students will be awarded block transfer of 60 credits (year one and two) and they will finish the last 60 credits at RRU (year three and four of a full degree). For either the BA/BSc In Environmental Practice the students can complete the degree fully online within a 7 year window (but most take about 2 & ½ years to complete). Click here for more information