Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: University of Gloucestershire
Location: Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Fanshawe Programs: Audio Post-Production (APR1)
Music Industry Arts (MIA2)
Credential Granted: BA (Hons) Sound and Music Production
Details: Fanshawe College graduates of the Diploma in Music Industry Arts, plus the Graduate Certificate in Audio Post-Production will be considered for admission into level 6 (year 3) of the BA (Hons) Sound and Music Production. This is a 3-year honours degree. Students transferring under this agreement can complete the degree in 1 year. Admission requirements: to be eligible, students must successfully complete the Fanshawe program and meet the university admission requirements, as listed on the individual program pages. Generalised equivalents for students from Canada can be found on the Canada ‘In your country’ page: Scholarships: Fanshawe college students transferring to an undergraduate program at the University of Gloucestershire, are eligible for a Progression Partner Award of £5,000. This award, and the terms and conditions, are subject to change on an annual basis. Please see full terms and conditions on the funding 'International' page: Questions: For inquiries about this pathway opportunity, email: visit the university website for details