Pathways Database - Agreement Details

Institution: Fanshawe College
Location: London, ON
Fanshawe Programs: Chemical Laboratory Technology - Science Laboratory (CLT1)
Credential Granted: Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology - Biotechnology
Details: Graduates of the Chemical Laboratory Technology Advanced Diploma are eligible for advanced standing into level 5 (year 3) of the Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology – Biotechnology, provided they meet the following requirements: a.) Overall GPA = 3.0 (70%). b.) Minimum grades: maximum 3 core courses (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics) with a minimum grade of 60%; the remaining core courses must have a minimum grade of 65%; core courses which exceed the 3 minimum 60% allowance will not receive credit transfer. Non-core courses with a grade below 60 % will not receive credit transfer. c.) Completion of a summer bridge semester is required prior to entering the degree. ***Contact the CLT Program Coordinator for questions.*** Visit the CLT program page for details